Pet Room Usage Policy

To ensure a comfortable stay for you and your pet, we require your agreement to our terms and conditions.

  1. As a rule, only one room in Gran Suite 1 can accommodate large dogs. Other pet rooms are limited to medium-sized dogs.
    • Negotiable if it fits in a carrying case.
  2. Your dog must have a minimum of 5 mixed vaccines and a rabies vaccination once a year.
  3. Your cat must receive a minimum of 5 mixed vaccines once a year.
  4. Flea and tick control measures must be taken.
  5. Not be infected or unwell, or in heat, in heat, or pregnant.
  6. Must be an indoor dog and not bark or harm other guests.
  7. To prevent infection, please do not allow pets in bathrooms and washrooms, on sofas, or in bedding or beds.
    • Please complete shampooing, bathing, etc. prior to arrival at the hotel.
  8. Cats are requested to stay only in the cat house.
    • Always put your entire body in the case except in the guest room.
  9. Your dog must be at least 6 months old to be immune.
  10. Your cat must be at least 3 months old.
  11. If the child is not potty-trained, be sure to have the child wear a diaper or manner wear.
  12. Please bring your own carrying case for transportation, food, leash, and favorite toys.
  13. Please dispose of feces and urine in your room promptly and clean up after yourself. Also, please do not allow your guest to defecate on the grounds (outdoors) or on plants, etc.
  14. When using the rooftop dog run with your dog, please be sure to use a leash to prevent your dog from falling.
  15. Please use the fixtures and fittings provided in your room only within the facility. Please return them to their original place after use. (Please feel free to ask our staff if you run out of any of the furnishings.)
  16. The hotel will not be held responsible for any injuries, escape, or death of pets caused by force majeure, such as natural disasters or unforeseen accidents while using the hotel. We are also not responsible for any problems between guests caused by their pets.
  17. If there are any false information in the registration, if the owner or the pet violates these Terms and Conditions during the stay, or if we receive complaints from other guests, we reserve the right to refuse the stay.
  18. The hotel is not licensed to handle animals and cannot accept pets for any reason.
  19. If your pet causes damage to our building, furniture, or equipment, please notify our staff. Please note that we may charge the actual cost of repairs, cleaning, etc. at the owner’s responsibility and expense.
    • Cleaning fee 5,500 yen and up per futon
    • If equipment is damaged, you will be billed at a later date. We may ask for your contact information at that time.
  20. Please note that if any guest or hotel staff member is harmed, we will claim compensation for damages and medical treatment.
  • Cage
  • Pet sheets
  • Toilet tray
  • Cleaning roller
  • Pet waste bin
  • Trash bags
  • Pet dishes (food, water)
Dog Friendly Room Information
  • 1st dog free of charge
  • Additional charge for the second dog or later: 3,000 yen per dog per night